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Here’s the one-stop list of every “Dorm Dorks” strip ever made, to date. Jump right in and have a look around–or, if this is too much, and you’d rather see a list of the major storylines that have happened so far, just click on the “Storylines” link above. Enjoy!



December 30|Relative Hotness
December 28|Direct Access
December 25|Merry Christmas 2009
December 23|You Can Quote Me
December 21|You Know the Ones I Mean
December 18|Book Deal
December 16|Hurry up and Wait
December 14|That Is A Nice Outfit
December 11|Journalistic Integrity
December 9|If You Like It
December 7|Moment of Truth
December 4|Good at Something
December 2|Interesting Response
November 30|Fired
November 27|How to Gain Weight
November 25|Inspiration
November 23|Big Words
November 20|Sigh Translation
November 18|Knowledgeable
November 16|Foreigner
November 13|Humble Operation
November 11|By Any Other Name
November 9|Gettin’ the Digits
November 6|High Strung
November 4|Unfathomable
November 2|The Truth About Twilight
October 30|Evolution of Vampires
October 28|Every Halloween Costume Ever
October 26|Interest in Halloween During Human Lifespans
October 23|TV Edit Olympics
October 21|Dream Job
October 19|Star Trek II: Kirk Cuts Loose!
October 16|School Spirit
October 14|The History of History
October 12|The History Channel
October 9|Michael Bay-Plosions
October 7|Long Day
October 5|Cuteness Has It’s Price
October 2|There’s No Time
September 30|Schlotzsky’s
September 28|The Return
September 25|Schrodinger’s Vomit
September 23|The Concert
September 21|Wanted!
September 18|Another Shot Down
September 16|Awkward-Fest
September 14|The Rejection of Ray
September 11|Caught
September 9|Just a Game
September 7|Workouts Payoff
September 4|Cliffhanger
September 2|BFF Powers
August 31|Pacifism
August 28|Lonely Ska Club Band
August 26|Cancelled
August 24|Homage to Memphis
August 24|The Sweet, Sauce Air
August 21|Meanwhile…
August 19|18 Miles to Memphis
August 17|Share
August 14|Escape
August 12|We Don’t Need Roads
August 10|Prison Break
August 7|The Chief
August 5|Foiled Again
August 3|Fingerprints
July 31|Cuffed!
July 29|E.S.P.?
July 27|Woman’s Intuition
July 24|I Have to Pee
July 22|Goodbye Ladies
July 20|Why Not Do It With Some Style?
July 17|Packing for a Road Trip
July 15|Eject the Core
July 13|Relationship Accelerators
July 10|If You Fail to Plan
July 8|Bad Idea
July 6|Ska Friends
July 3|Artistic Inspiration
July 1|Emotional Diary
June 29|Art Store Confidential
June 26|Disabilities
June 24|Alternative Veterinary
June 22|Dude, Where’s My Monolith?
June 19|Realizations
June 17|Baleeted
June 15|Way Too Literal
June 12|Comments
June 10|Here In Your Bedroom
June 8|Is Anyone There?
June 5|Find The Key
June 3|Gothic Tours
June 1|Campus Tour
May 29|A Tale of Two Rooms
May 27|Bad Idea
May 25|Can You Tell?
May 22|If You Want to Live
May 20|Cartoon Musicals
May 18|The ZZ Tops
May 15|Gender Roles
May 13|Real Pirates
May 11|Fear Factor
May 8|Finally Watching It
May 6|Trek Pants
May 4|The Merits of Trek
May 1|Epilogue
April 29|Logic Clearly Dictates
April 27|Physics is Hot!
April 24|Aftermath
April 22|Missing Link
April 20|Dungeon Rat
April 17|No, ’tis Legend!
April 15|Fail Whale
April 13|Long Live the Queen
April 10|Feel The Pain
April 8|Watch Your Head
April 6|The Only Way
April 3|Goth Tragedy
April 1|Sweet Sweet Hiney
March 30|Just Another Crowd
March 27|Enter Frank
March 25|Assimilated
March 23|The Twits
March 20|Internet Apps
March 18|Twitter Conversation
March 16|Twitter for Men
March 13|Fake Twitterer
March 11|Trailer
March 9|Postmodern 8-Ball
March 6|Hard Work
March 4|Read The Menu
March 2|Mario Existence
February 27|Weight Loss Supplements
February 25|Read a Book
February 23|Generic Degree
February 20|Know Thyself
February 18|Alone
February 16|Fancy Dinner
February 13|Puttin’ On The Ritz
February 11|Ballooning
February 9|In Love
February 6|Class Catalog
February 4|Leech
February 2|Shallower
January 30|Applied Arts
January 28|Undecided
January 26|Burrito Fight!
January 23|Taste of Victory
January 21|Bennigan’s
January 19|Healthy Ways to Deal With Anger
January 16|Bad Day
January 14|The Pinnacle of Radio
January 12|True Feelings
January 9|Fire Code
January 7|Rub It In
January 5|Not the Only One
January 2|Lifetime Original Movie


December 31|Happy New Year!
December 29|Fountain of Youth
December 26|Rock Band
December 24|I Saw the Sign
December 22|No Booze
December 19|Rehearsal
December 17|Signs of Love
December 15|Sweet Body
December 12|Got A Gig
December 10|The Prince of Parties
December 8|Party Planning
December 5|Curds and Whey
December 3|Clothing System
December 1|Take It Out
November 28|There Will Be Robots
November 26|Meatatarian
November 24|Spectrum Patty Analysis
November 21|For…ev…er…
November 19|Healthy Body, Clean Mind
November 17|R.I.P.
November 14|Hippies
November 12|Smells Like Teen Spirit
November 10|The True Sport
November 7|Pick-Up Punch
November 5|Girl Fight
November 3|Customer Service
October 31|Happy Halloween 2008
October 29|Out Of Touch
October 27|Fish of Death
October 24|Our Princess is in Another Castle
October 22|Euphemism
October 20|Get Out
October 17|Something Romantic
October 15|Staring Contest
October 13|High Score
October 10|Boys Will Be Boys
October 8|The Christening
October 6|8 Bits of Ecstasy
October 3|For The Road
October 1|Joy in Suffering
September 29|Dinner Plans
September 26|3 Phases of Parental Visits
September 24|Essential Items For Visiting Parents
September 22|What You Do When You’re Alone
September 19|Celebrate the Science Rapture
September 17|Sick Day
September 15|When I’m 64ish
September 12|Whaddya Want For Nothin’?
September 10|Weird Girls
September 8|That Boyfriend Crap
September 5|AIM, Fire!
September 3|Anything For a Dollar
September 1|Girls and Boys
August 29|The Indie Sport
August 27|Olympic MMA
August 25|Marco Polo
August 22|The American Dream
August 20|Liar Liar
August 18|Categories
August 15|Antiquing
August 13|My Mind On My Money and My Money On My Mind
August 11|Training Video
August 8|I Really Care
August 6|Double Or Nothin’
August 4|Confidence
August 1|Choosing a Field
July 30|Gimme Some Money
July 28|Omega Level
July 25|Resume
July 23|Definitions
July 21|Broke
July 18|Midnight Showing
July 16|Rouges Gallery
July 14|Home Is Where The Heart Is
July 11|A Pill For Everything
July 9|Shopping For Clothes
July 7|80’s Movie Marathon
July 4|Seth Green Makes Everything Better III
July 2|Seth Green Makes Everything Better II
June 30|Seth Green Makes Everything Better
June 27|Dreamweaver
June 25|Who’s The Boss
June 23|Indy Cans
June 20|Break It Down
June 18|Eat Right
June 16|What’s Your Major?
June 13|The Bet
June 11|You Can Do Anything
June 9|Screening
June 6|Blackout
June 4|Fountain
June 2|Graffitti
May 30|Talk About It
May 28|Alternate Takes
May 26|Long Hours
May 23|A Second Double?
May 21|Send in the Double
May 19|True Despair
May 16|There Can Be Only One
May 14|One-Take
May 12|Lights, Camera, Irony
May 9|The Return of Emo Kid
May 7|I Should Carry a Flask
May 5|It Takes Convincing
May 2|He’s Behind Me, Isn’t He?
April 30|Your Work Lacks Vision
April 28|Creative Research
April 25|It’s Chinatown…
April 23|Undecided
April 21|Horsies?
April 18|Textbook Case
April 16|Baby-Eating Cat Movies
April 14|Theme
April 11|A New Sensation
April 9|Rancid Shirt
April 7|Quasi-Reggae
April 4|The Definition of Indie
April 2|Missing Persons
March 31|Buffy the Lonliness Slayer
March 28|The Boob Dodge
March 26|A Perfect Time
March 24|In His Arms
March 21|Jinx!
March 19|Have You Seen Me?
March 17|Just One Chance
March 14|B-Slap
March 12|Face Plant
March 10|First Kiss
March 7|Girl Things
March 5|Burning Passion
March 3|Deliciously Awkward
February 29|The Upper Hand
February 27|Wise To Her Schemes
February 25|Breaking Up is Hard to Do…
February 22|Eclipsed
February 20|Dog Analogies
February 18|Everybody’s Got One
February 15|Towlie
February 13|Tell Her Everything
February 11|Serval
February 8|Deep Down
February 6|The Reason(s)
February 4|Getting Even
February 1|Too Easy
January 30|Drive that Funky Soul!
January 28|Power is Fading
January 25|Rejection?
January 23|Predictable
January 21|Wait-Out
January 18|Being Used
January 16|The Pick-Up Artist
January 14|More Emo
January 11|Voices in My Head
January 9|Analysis
January 7|Real Jerk
January 4|So Much Power
January 2|Strange Awakening


December 31|The Jacket
December 28|Red Hulk
December 26|Sacred Journey
December 24|Merry Christmas!
December 21|Little Drummer Die
December 19|The Song that Never Ends
December 17|Porn-Bots
December 14|Counter Pressure
December 12|The Nerd Definition of Sports
December 10|Conversion
December 7|BFF
December 5|The M-Kron Sector
December 3|38 Babies
November 30|Ritual Suicide
November 28|Love Is…
November 26|Intricate Plan
November 23|Ignorance is Bliss
November 21|Unprepared
November 19|Accidental Voicemail
November 16|Whiskey-the Courage Booster
November 14|Long Lasting
November 12|Meat Scooper
November 9|Sacred
November 7|Viking Funeral
November 5|In the Wash
November 2|Jr. High Memories
October 31|Full Pockets
October 29|Quesadilla Day
October 26|Supply Use Across the Years
October 24|Lines, lines, lines!
October 22|Check the Tape
October 19|Memory Verses
October 17|Possible Torture
October 15|Mingling Minds
October 12|The Lobby
October 10|Morbid Suggestion
October 8|Time for Peace, Time for Revenge
October 3|The Dr. Is IN
September 30|Let it All Out
September 26|Manipulation Made Easy
September 23|Bring the Popcorn
September 19|The Next Phase
September 16|Another Brick in the Wall
September 12|Private Cream
September 9|Location Scouting
September 5|She Wants Me
September 2|Active Pouring
August 29|The Call of the Smash
August 22|The Couch Imperative
August 19|Packing
August 7|Mosquito Season
August 4|100th
July 22|Full House
July 18|Attack of the Menace
July 8|Newspaper Circus
July 4|Slave
June 27|Mud & Legos
June 24|Ageism
June 20|Duplicate
June 3|Questions
May 27|Out of the Closet
May 22|Media Center
May 20|Clean Down
May 16|No Punchline
May 13|All-Nighter
May 9|Multiple Choice
May 5|Exam Worry
April 29|Sparring
April 25|Off the Subject
April 15|Tour
April 11|Saved… or Not Saved
April 8|Post-Modern Morals
April 3|Only Save One
April 1|Girl Power
March 28|What a Way to Go
March 21|The Worst That Could Happen
March 11|In Memory of Captain America
March 7|Not Fooling Anyone
February 28|Anne Frank
February 21|Fire Drill
February 18|Compatablility Test
February 14|Infernal Machine
February 6|Hint


November 15|Safety Check
November 12|Ultimate Alliance
November 7|Busted
October 31|Too Elaborate
October 29|Ghost-O-Lantern
October 25|Sequel Setup
October 22|The Prime Directive
October 18|Passed On
October 15|Revealed
October 11|Mystery Villian
September 20|The ‘Net
September 17|Dragonball Derail
September 6|Matching
September 3|You Go To Prison
August 30|Epic Quest
August 23|Locusts
August 16|Humor Him
August 13|Doogle
August 9|Rebel
June 25|Conformity
June 21|O.C. Punk
April 23|Punk Planner
April 12|Punk Pose
April 5|Rusty Nail
April 2|Mystery Chick
March 19|Cereal Night
March 8|Moved Back
March 6|Elitism Lives
February 26|Share Your Feelings
February 22|Snoopy
February 8|Comments
February 5|Blog-o-Sphere
February 1|Yoda
January 25|Obedience
January 22|Operation: Desert Seat
January 18|Lore Access
January 15|Crossover
January 11|Battlefront
January 8|Intimate


December 28|Change the Subject
December 25|Super-Physics
December 21|The Friend Zone
December 18|Fishy
December 14|Outdoors
December 11|More a-Splode!
December 7|My Head a-Splode!
December 4|Man Dreams
November 30|Are You Experienced?
November 27|Fancy
November 23|Thankful
November 20|Another Level
November 16|Guide to Parents
November 13|Recycle
November 9|He is Clean
November 6|Good Reference
November 2|Break the Code
October 30|Someone to Watch Over Me…
October 26|Guide to Personality Types
October 23|Wookie Dance
October 19|Hyrule Secrets
October 16|Then There Was One
October 12|Shocked
October 9|Twilight
October 5|To Die…
October 2|Reader Mail
September 28|Shrine
September 25|Monkey Rules
September 21|Belloq
September 18|Marathon