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Interview: Swap Your Comics

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Hey guys, there’s a cool interview with me that just went live on the a podcast called “Ink Inferno” which is done by the guys at They’re affiliated with the Star Wars site “Rebel Trading Post,” you may have heard of them.

It’s pretty cool. Brandon (the host) is a great guy and I had a lot of fun talking about Dorm Dorks and webcomics. The whole show is good, and the stuff with me starts about halfway though. Check it out!

Here’s a direct link. 

Meet the New Boss…

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

EDIT: Sorry about the lateness–I thought I had the comic uploaded today, but good thing I checked the site this morning and found a small typo in the filename. It’s fixed and so here’s today’s comic, a few hours later than I’d like. Sorry!

Well, I started a new job this week. It’s fairly exciting, but fairly depressing at the same time. Upon going to lunch today (Freebirds. Duh…), I realized I was one of THOSE guys… you know the type. The guy in the business clothes that goes to cool places and tries to be cool, but can’t, because he’s generic business guy and not actually cool at all…

Not to offend any of you business types. But now I feel your pain. Not all generic business guys are actually generic business guys. On the inside, we are more than cool, we are passionate, yearning for something more–yearning for true depth in our mundane office lives… yearning to untuck those shirts, and replace the shirt with a cooler, non-collared shirt that doesn’t require ironing… and to replace those stiff, totally lame khaki pants with jeans that have holes in them, and maybe a slight stain from where the sour cream dripped from your sweet, sweet Freebirds burrito…

Anyway, during the training for my new business job (relax, we were on break…), I was able to do some sketching:


(click for full size) I thought if I did a full-scale, finished version (colored, and with a funny caption that I’ll think of later) it’d make a funny wallpaper, or maybe even a T-shirt? Would you guys be into something like that? Let me know, and if enough people think it’s cool, I’ll make it.

Till then, peace out!


Black Suit Saga: The End…?

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

Well, this storyline is drawing to a close, and that means exciting things are ahead. Of course, there will be some fallout from Chuck’s actions under the influence of the suit. But I promise you that none of them will involve giant sand-creatures that make cheesy moaning sounds for no reason.

If you’re feeling a bit lost, you can start reading from the beginning of the Black Suit Saga by clicking here. And there’s a link to it in the storylines page.

Also, Big Kudos to Grant Morrison this month, for writing what might be the coolest issue of “Batman” that I’ve read in recent memory. Or in memory at all. It’s greatness, check it out if haven’t already, in Batman #673:

Batman #673