You Can Never Have Too Many Comics

So, I’m moving this month, which is a good thing, but the process is always a beating. Tonight, though, was quite revealing.

Up to now, all my comics get filed in a very organized system that consists of me tossing them to the side of wherever I happened to be sitting when I read them. So comics are strewn about the whole apartment, which I actually kindof like. Anytime someone sits down anywhere, they have a lot of great comics literally at their fingertips…

In any case, I had to pack them all up for the move, so I went down to my local comic shop and picked up 2 longboxes, which I thought would be more than enough. Then I started filling them up, and boy was I surprised.

By the time all was said and done,  I had 4 long boxes, and 1 half-length box, with another half-length box worth still not boxed.

That’s a ridiculous amount of comics. And still, I yearn for more…


  1. Thom

    Dude, movin sucks! Vickie and I found that out the hard way! We also found out that the old adage is true too…you never know how much crap you have till you try to move it!

    Hope all is well and all goes well with the new place.



  2. Mike

    Thanks, man! Yeah, I’m using the process as an excuse to throw away as much as possible.

    Thanks for the good wishes, it’s always good to hear from ya’ll!