To Die, To Sleep, Perchance to Blog

Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve seen these guys, hasn’t it? In case you don’t remember, check this strip for the first official appearance of the Emo Kids.

(Or, if you really want me to be embarrassed, check this out for the emo prototype)

Man, this week has been so busy, I’ve had very little time to sleep, and the human body can only go on 4 hours a night for so long. And last night, my body had had enough.

It pains me say that this dialog happened between me and my roommate:

“So, Mike, you wanna watch some Buffy?” (on the word ‘buffy,’ two fists are raised in maniacal delight)

“Nah, man, I’m going to bed…”

Man, I am so ashamed of my own existence.  The saddest part? This exchange took place at TEN FIFTEEN PM!!!

I’m sorry, I’ve failed you all… I’ve failed myself, and I’ve even failed Joss Whedon…

But hey, there’s a new comic up today! Chalk that up in the good news column, eh?  Allright, now I go to watch more off the Buffster. We’re on season 7 baby!


  1. Chris B

    Nah…no sweat man. Get some sleep. It’s not like you missed an episode of “Chuck” or “24” or, you know…a GOOD show.

    J/K….I’ve never actually seen any of the Buffy series. I just wanted to stir the Kool-Aid a little bit.

  2. Mike

    Well, you done stirred it up then! I didn’t want to have to do this, but…….


    Actually, I haven’t seen “Chuck,” but the commercials were enough to keep me away. I think “my” Chuck is better.

    I haven’t seen 24, either, but I’ve seen enough parodies of it to figure it’s probably not my type of show. I’ve heard a lot of fans say it’s no good after season 3… is that true? I’ve also heard a lot of fans say “the wire” is better… which I also haven’t seen…

    …man, I suck at tv…

  3. Patrick

    “Chuck” is an ok series. It’s like herpes. At first it’s totally unwelcomed, but you learn to deal with it.

    I never got into “24” it seemed way too much for me. Plus I think it’s not the kind of show you can just jump in to.
    you have to go aaaaalllllll the way back from the beginning and then start.

    And Mike, you don’t suck at TV. TV sucks at you.

  4. Mike

    Man, that herpes line might be the funniest line ever.

  5. Chris B

    No way! Chuck is great because it is action AND wit…a rare, and welcome combination, unlike MOST STD’s. 24 is great, even after episode 3, but it could very well jump the shark this season. Garofolo is supposed to be in this season…which could be worse than seeing Henry “The Fonz” Winkler in a bathing suit. You don’t have to start at season one, you just have to catch each season from its beginning.

    Anybody watch “Burn Notice” last summer…THAT is also some quality programming. The king of the “B” movie, Bruce Campbell, is in it and it takes place in Miami. LOTS of eye candy….and stuff blowing up. What more could a red-blooded American want?!

  6. Mike

    I love the vigor with which you defend your shows!

    Actually, I did hear a lot of good things about “Burn Notice,” but I never got around to seeing it. That’s a shame since I try and see everything Mr. Campbell puts himself in. What a genius…

    I think Joss Whedon has a new show in the works, which I couldn’t be happier about. No real news on it yet, I don’t think, but if its comes to pass, you can bet the dorm gang will be highly effected by it.

    Toss me more TV recommendations, I feel like the only think I have to watch is “The Office,” and thats been slipping lately…