Midnight Showing

July 18th, 2008

Midnight Showing


  1. TheSuicideKid

    One word… wow… I actually failed to find a single thing to complain about

  2. Mike

    Right on, I feel the same way!

  3. Silfedac

    Indeed. Dark Knight is essentially a distilled combination of awesomeness and win.

  4. Mike

    I couldn’t agree more, Silfedac!

  5. Marcus

    Nice work all around, Mike. I stumbled across your strip via a random RSS ticker in my gmail, and have been catching up over the past couple days. I have to agree with some previous posters, I see much improvement over the course of the strip so far. Your work has… vision. 🙂 I also see the favorable comparison made with Penny Arcade.

    Anyway, this strip finally brought me out of the woodwork. If Chuck and Bob are such slackers that they can’t even make it to class during the semester, WTH would they register for summer courses? I tried that once. Bad idea.

    Also, am I right in inferring that the school in question is UT Tyler? Just guessing.


  6. Mike

    Wow, Marcus, thanks so much for the kind words, you totally made my day, I really appreciate it! As long as you keep reading, I’ll keep drawing!

    Yeah, summer school might’ve not been the best choice for our boys here. On the other hand, I tended to like summer classes more than regular classes, partly because they’re over quicker, but partly because, with only one or two classes at a time, I could focus better when there wasn’t 6 other classes were competing for my attention.

    It’s not UT Tyler, but you’re not TOO far off.

    Thanks again!