Fake Twitterer

March 13th, 2009

Fake Twitterer


  1. Patrick Rodriguez

    Dude, you should make a twitter page for each one of the characters!

  2. Chris B.

    Twitter sucks.

  3. Mike

    Pat, that is a good idea, if I wasn’t already completely out of time in my life… someday, I might do it, though. I also like the idea of fake blogs for each character. Any takers?

    Chris… I got nothin. I can’t really defend twitter that much, but I’ve been enjoying it. So… face?

  4. daxxglax

    Twitter: You’re no one if you’re not there

    I mean Obama has one, Shaq has one, all the cool kids are doin’ it! Besides, the entire internet wants to know what you’re doing RIGHT NOW

  5. Mike

    Yeah, there’s a great power in thinking you’re important enough to let everyone always know whats going on… and then that gets instantly deflated when you look at how few followers you have.