Cats and Dogs, Living Together

EDIT: So, I should have said this before, but this joke originated when I drove past a place that actually had this sign — there was a real building that just said, “Alternative Veterinary.” And I racked my brain trying to figure out what in the world that could possibly mean… I thought this was a funny interpretation for what it could be. So yeah, this is real. But the real one is probably something more like the holistic healing thing. I certainly wasn’t brave enough to walk in there and find out. –End Edit

I’ve gotta admit, my first instinct for today’s joke was to make Chuck’s comment be about cats. But actually, I kind of like cats. I like that they’re independent, and don’t feel like they need you. A dog is like a mindless slave robot that loves you no matter what, but a cat is like, “meh… I could take it or leave it.” When a cat does show affection, it means a lot.

But none of that was part of my thought process. I went straight from, “no, cats are kinda cool,” to “man I’m not a dog fan. Whats the worst kind of dog? A tiny yipping dog that never shuts up — it’s so tempting to kick it hard, ’cause it’s small, and would travel so far, but I can’t kick it, ’cause thats like, inhumane or something…”

By the way, no animals were harmed in the making of this comic strip.


  1. Chris B.

    Hmmm….I gotta’ be honest, this one is a little too dark for my comic tastes. I understand the value of putting an animal down, but this seems kind of…too…Michael Vick.

  2. Steven

    this is terrible in almost every way imaginable, I have to say I had a good chuckle

  3. Mike

    Awesome Steven, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Bosda Di'Chi

    “Asnomia”–the lack of a sense of smell is called “asnomia”.

  5. Bosda Di'Chi

    The lack of a sense of smell is called “asnomia”.

  6. Mike

    Awesome! Thanks for the tip — I have gotten a few emails about this too, I had no idea there even was such a word for it!

  7. michael vick reinstated

    Not so sure I agree with all of this