Moment of Truth

December 7th, 2009

Moment of Truth

This strip is part of a storyline that starts here.


  1. coughman

    boosh and/or kackow

  2. Ken O

    Here’s the thing; in certain circumstances Chuck’s advice would work. If the bodybuilder wasn’t eating enough calories to start with, his body would burn the muscle he’s trying to build in order to keep going! (Joys of having a boilogist as a sis).

  3. Ken O

    Ahhggghhh!!!! “…having a biologist as a sis”

  4. Mike

    Ken, you’re totally right, and that’s kindof what I was going for. If this guy had a big calorie deficit beforehand, of course he wouldn’t be growing muscle, so is he upped his count, even if it wasn’t the best quality food, he’d probably still grow if he was working out just right. Add in genetic factors, and you’ve got a recipe for muscle gain. However,most people would have to eat a better diet for that to work, and those of us like Chuck and myself can eat at bagel and suddenly gain 28 pounds, even if we work out. It’s a lot to overcome…

  5. Overton

    why did he show up to the door with no shirt on?

  6. Mike

    If you had a body like that, would YOU wear a shirt? EVER?