The Real Society

The Organization that Bob is talking about here totally exists for real. The college I went to had a real Albino squirrel that lived there, named “Thelonius.” I even saw the majestic creature myself a few times. During my stay there, an organization rose up to help spread word about the Thelonius, who was rumored to give good luck on test exams. I’m not making any of this up, by the way, this isn’t a bit or anything.

Since then, I’ve heard Thelonius has passed on, but there is a new Albino Squirrel gracing the campus. I’ve also heard stories of lots of different albino squirrels running around various campuses around the country, granting good luck to test-takers everywhere, and I believe the society exists in several chapters on many campuses.

This storyline is dedicated to Thelonius, rest in peace buddy! And thanks for the A in economics!


  1. Chris B.

    And, apparently, there are now two of them.

  2. Mike

    Thats amazing!