Hidden Images

Let’s be grateful I had the sense to end this conversation here, as, after the final panel, this conversation devolved into two hooded figures arguing about whether a halfling bard could win in a fight against… well, anything.

I didn’t notice this until after posting the strip, but I intended the two hooded guys to be facing each other, the guy on the right has his back to us… but depending on how you look at it, he could be facing us, because of how I drew the shadows. Obviously I meant this as an intentional optical illusion to challenge and entertain your mind, and it’s totally intentional. I’m just that good.


  1. Chris B.

    Except the flip of his hood kind of gives it away. Unless he’s a smurf. In which case, my brain just a-sploded.

  2. Mike

    Mine, too. Mine, too.

  3. Wes G.

    Ugh… Design class has ruined me. What you’ve created is a classic Gestalt Effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gestalt_psychology). It’s basically how the brain interprets what’s important on a page (the dark markings or the whitespace of the background), and it makes assumptions based on what it feels is most crucial. The most famous example of this is the “Rubin Vase” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubin_vase).

  4. Mike

    I totally remember this now that you mention it, thanks Wes!