Social Media

As I predicted in this story, Twitter is taking over the world and turning everyone into mindless internet zombies. Now I’ve got proof!

Most of my friends use twitter on a casual basis, including myself (plug: here’s my twitter feed) but I do have a few friends that claim to hate it. It seems like for a lot of people, having a strong opinion about social media is important, so the act of hating it, simply because it’s so widespread, is a way of… I don’t know, showing inner strength, or something. It’s also easy to write off social media as a symbol of decadent American consumerism, or a growing sense of entitlement, or a misplaced notion of extreme narcissism. While there’s a case for all of that (I personally think such arguments are overblown, but thats just me) I found this video particularly fascinating:

Now, the end of the video gives a link to the source for all their statistics. I didn’t go through and try to verify them all, but if these numbers are true, then… holy cow. Also, I don’t know how much these numbers are being adjusted for things like spam bots, and the like. Even with all that factored in, this is pretty interesting stuff. Although I think it’s less about “social media” and more about the internet in general. I think social media is one of many important by-products that the internet brings along with it. The idea of being permanently connected to vast sources of user-driven content gives us a change in how society works — social media is but one aspect of that, and I think there will be more such consequences of the internet that haven’t yet shown themselves.

I obviously find this kind of stuff fascinating, but I’m interested to hear what you guys think.


  1. Chris B.

    Dare I say it again…Twitter sucks.

  2. qka

    They say that the opposite of love is not hate, but apathy.

    I am very apathetic about Twitter.

  3. qka

    If you are busy using Twitter, etc. to tell the world where you ARE, you are also busy telling the world where you AREN’T. Usually, that’s not home.

    Enter “Please Rob Me” –

  4. Mike

    Thats a pretty interesting site… thanks for the link!

  5. Ken O

    The first syllable of “twitter” is “twit”; enough said I think! (and I may well have said this before. It may also not be original in that you may have heard it from other people first.)

  6. CLBIV

    I find social media sites to be slightly disturbing, its like everyone I grew up with makes up a large percentage of the world. In tenth grade I advanced the theory that 90+% of my grade downloaded their personalities from myspace and other social networking sites, it still seems true for lots of people I meet today; that tells me bad things about the future.