Rolling Initiative

In some ways, I feel like it’s not a true “nerd-culture” comic if I don’t throw in some D&D references. I got into the D&D band-wagon pretty recently, I didn’t grow up with it like most nerds do (blame that on the “D&D is evil and will send you to hell” movement) but it’s a lot of fun, and a constant source of humor. Don’t worry, I just have a couple of these jokes to get out of my system, this isn’t a storyline or anything…

I don’t quite understand why it gets such a bad rap among some people. I guess some of it’s more vocal fans are kinda creepy, and that can be dissuading. But really, it’s just a fun game, and I think encourages good problem solving and social skills. And seriously, if you play Warcraft, you can’t make fun of people who play D&D… That’s like a Trekkie making fun of a Star Wars fanatic.

Atleast we can all make fun of Babylon 5 fans.