For Those Who Came In Late…

Dorm Dorks Syllabus

Class overview:

‘Dorm Dorks’ follows the tales of five very non-typical college students. Flung into each others lives by chance, or by fate, these dorks have to make the best of life with each other. Whether it be hiding from fire drills so they can play more video games, creating elaborate plans to steal a love interest’s cell phone, or going insane from too much film editing, these nerds of renown have risen to the ranks of the true dorks. Love them, hate them fear them… just don’t argue Star Trek continuity with them…

Class Schedule:

New comics are posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And it’s all free.

Main Cast:




Chuck and Bob were best friends in High School, and thought it would be a good idea to live together in college. Whether or not that was a terrible mistake is yet to be seen. In any case, Chuck is a fundamentalist dork: Star Trek, comic books, and classic NES games are like currency to him. Outside of these arenas, he’s a mess of neuroses, social awkwardness, and self-esteem issues. However, his greatest love in life in Sandy. So far Chuck seems stuck in the “Friend Zone” with her, and her feelings are unclear.




Bob was Chuck’s best friend from High School, and now his college roommate. Bob is the arrogant wine connoisseur of geekdom. He only reads indie comics, and looks down on most of nerd society. He prides himself on being “responsible”, in actually going to class, studying, and keeping the dorm tidy. In spite of this elitism, Bob is loyal to his friends and can always be counted on to lend a hand.




Sandy lives above Chuck and Bob, on the girl’s floor. In her heart, she’s a good person, but she can’t resist her manipulative, controlling impulses. Although she can be brilliantly devious, she only messes with her friends because she loves them. Although Chuck loves her back in much more than a platonic way, it remains a mystery whether or not she returns his affections. She has a love/hate relationship with her roommate Ray, who isn’t nearly as classy.



MAJOR: FILM (last we heard, anyway)

Frizz lives next door to Chuck and Bob and is always up for a good time. He loves to scheme, pull pranks, and generally get involved in everyone’s business. He’s a partier, but not in the yuppie way–more in a “have a ‘Back to the Future’ marathon and pretend my car is a time machine as we race back to the bar” kind of way. A heavy drinker who can hold his booze, Frizz never backs down from breaking social norms and attempting to break the ice in ways that make everyone more uncomfortable. Frizz has a very inexplicable relationship with Ray. They used to date, and seem to still kind of date, even though they both say otherwise.




Sandy’s roommate Raegan is the feisty, fast-talking, ultra-confident bass player extraordinaire for the rock band “Wicked Catheder.” She spends a lot of time and care on her image, making it look like she doesn’t take any time and care on that image. Despite her strong sense of independence, she’s hopelessly fallen for Frizz — even if she won’t admit it. The two of them used to date, and whenever they’re together those old feelings take over. By far the most adventurous of the group, Ray is equally at home at a loud concert, or climbing a mountain for no good reason at all.

Supporting Cast



Frank is the RA (resident assistant) on Chuck and Bob’s floor. That means he’s the authority figure, and while he can often be counted on to help out in an emergency, it usually means he’s playing parent to the wayward students. Being the boss is bound to take it’s toll on Frank’s psyche, and might explain why he’s often in a bad mood.

Shower Guy


When shower guy first showed up in the community bathrooms, peeking over the shower stall, it was pretty creepy. But it turns out he’s a nice guy and an incredible wellspring of wisdom. He is the first stop when the boys need advice.