Here’s a list of the major storylines that have happened lately. Each link takes you to the beginning of a multi-strip arc thats sure to make you laugh, and maybe even have some character development in the process!

The Albino Squirrel Society

The Fitness Column

The Female Road Trip

The Sexy Tour

The Techno Zombie Opera (The Twitter Saga)

The Major Decision

The New Year’s Party

The Meat

The Item (The Dr. Mario)

The Job Hunt

The Film Major

The New Girl

The Black Suit Saga

The Phone Message Scandal

The Flash-Drive Funeral

The Fight Part 2: The Gothic Revenge

The Fight Part 1

The Move-In

Summer Break and The Relatives Problem

The Move Out

The Final Exams

The Fire Drills

Saving the Internet

The Punk Rock Image

Chuck the Blogger

The Friend Zone

The Shower Guy

For a full, Strip by Strip archive, just click on the “Archive” button above. Enjoy!