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Glorious Weekend

Friday, August 29th, 2008

I promise thats the end of they Olympics jokes (for now). I think my brain is too in need of sleep to blog about much today, except to say that Time-Warner is pretty much screwing my family. It’s not a surprise, really, Time Warner has worked hard at ruining my life.

It’s weird to me that so many companies use the business model of “screwing customers.” It seems like if any competition ever came up, all they’d have to do is be nice, and, you know, treat people like they were people, and they’d win out every time.

On a happier note, it is the beginning of the epic Labor Day weekend of glory, and I’m pretty excited about NOT having to go to work on Monday. Even better is that we’re doing a “company outing” on Wednesday, so this is going to be an awesome week for me.

I’m going back and reading some of Grant Morrison’s run on “JLA,” you know, from the 90’s… in my opinion, the Justice League has NEVER been as awesome as it was then, it will forever be in my mind the definitive version of the Justice League. They just released a special revamped hardcover of the first few arcs, I hope they release some more, check it out! I wouldn’t mind having Grant’s whole run in hardback, especially with most of it drawn by Howard Porter, who I really liked. You can do “Final Crisis” and “Identity Crisis” and all the Crisis Countdowns you want, but none of the events going on today will come close to Superman wrestling Angels, Batman killing a lot of aliens without them even knowing it, Aquaman actually kicking peoples butts all over the place, and need I mention the epic “Rock of Ages” storyline, where Batman is locked in epic mental and physical battle with Desaad for like 40 years, and comes out strong as ever? It’s greatness.

I’ll be reading this over the weekend — be sure to come back Monday, even though its your day off, to check in on our Dork friends, the plot actually takes a turn next week, so don’t miss it!

Peace out!